Businesses at KGOK

Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport is home to a variety of aviation companies. And we welcome your company to become part of this list.

Crabtree Aircraft Company
Crabtree Aircraft Co. is the fixed-base operator at KGOK. Owner Glenn Crabtree has been in the flight instruction and aircraft sales business for over 46 years. The FBO offers flight instruction, aircraft maintenance and aircraft sales, as well as fuel (100LL and Jet A). More information can be found at

Spirit Wing Aviation
Spirit Wing Aviation is an aerospace engineering firm seeking certification for single-pilot operation of its SpiritJET modification to the 25 series of Learjets. After equipping Williams FJ44-2C engines and making aerodynamic modifications to the Lear, control forces have been dramatically reduced, which should allow for the approval of single-pilot operations. This would make the SpiritJET the most cost-effective high-speed aircraft in its class. More information can be found at

Zivko Aeronautics Inc.
Zivko Aeronautics is a company specializing in composite design and prototyping, systems integration and manufacturing one-of-a-kind parts for unique applications. Combining an experienced design and manufacturing team with the efficiency of a small business allows Zivko Aeronautics to deliver high-quality solutions ahead of schedule and under budget. ZAI services both government and commercial aeronautics needs and is ready to embrace any challenges. More information can be found at

Blue Skies Flight Training
Blue Skies Flight Training is a full service flight school that began in early 2015. More information can be found at

Guardian Patrol LLC
Guardian Air Patrol LLC is committed to the security of pipelines across the south central U.S. The company is uniquely positioned to provide pipeline companies the inspections required to ensure the safety and viability of their many miles of pipeline. Guardian specializes in inspections of pipeline gathering systems that many other companies either try to avoid or do not have the ability to fly and report correctly. They also fly transmission lines over any distance. Guardian also provides aerial photography, emergency inspections, and aerial surveillance. More information can be found at

Guardian Aviation
Guardian Aviation is a full service flight school.  They offer instruction for Private Pilot, Multi-Engine Rating, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor Instrument, and Multi-Engine Instructor.  More information can be found at

Commemorative Air Force
The Commemorative Air Force wing at KGOK has recently completed building the Douglas A-26 WWII bomber.  Its first flight happened on November 1, 2020.  More flights planned in the very near future.  This particular A-26 invader saw service in the First Indochina War as a reconnaissance plane operated by the French.

Add Your Business to this List
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